Grimes / Genesis

by: Stephanie Roush

August 22, 2012

Grimes Genesis video premiere

Everyone’s favorite alien-fairy pop star, Grimes, just released the video for her song “Genesis.” And it’s better than anyone could’ve hoped for. Directed by Grimes herself, the video shirks narrative and instead opts for a tribute to female badassery. 

The opening minute of the video shows Grimes in a simple (for her) black dress dancing in the headlights of an Escalade. The video quickly cuts from her personal desert dance party to a beach scene where we witness the “birth” of the girl with crazy pink braids that wears the mirror-adorned body suit. With a song title like “Genesis” the possibilities really are endless…

Giving Britney a nod with the yellow python and the pigtails, Grimes fluctuates effortlessly between pop star and indie queen in the video. Mostly though, she proves that she’s weird, real weird. But that’s exactly why we like her.


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