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Dreaming of Silence with Greg Ponthus

Who: Greg Ponthus
Where he’s from: Small town near Lyon, middle east of France.
Where he lives now: Brussels, Belgium.

What he does: 
I’m a photographer and I finished art school two weeks ago so I guess I’m in vacations now.

What he’s currently working on:
I’m experiencing with video I took the three past years and I’m working on a series about my brother since quite a while now. My best subject, he is half my age and already more mature than me.

First thing he does in the morning: 
Taking a cold shower.

His favorite kind of weather:
The first glimpse of lights after a storm in my hometown, when the air is heavy and everything turn orange.

Where he goes to be alone:
In my cellar. I live in Brussels with seven other people and find this place truly peaceful and out of time when I turn the lights off and listen to the sound of their steps on the wooden floor.

His last dream:
I don’t remember that much but I know it included whales in my backyard and me trying to convince a friend not to swim with them.

One thing he cannot live without:
My one week break every 6 months when I go back to France to realize how much my family and friends grew.

His favorite human body part:

What inspires him:

What he wants you to see in his work:
I want them to see whatever they want. I want them to feel more than understand what the picture convey, feel the coldness, the light on a skin, the look in my character’s eyes. I like to think that pictures hold a lot more than words can explain.

Greg’s WILD wish:
Eating fries with Paolo Roversi and Todd Hido could be nice.

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See more of Greg’s work and follow him on twitter, flickr & tumblr

text by: Victor Rybkin

photography by: Greg Ponthus

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