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Graham Tyler Is Redefining The Art
of Millinery for a New Generation

Who: Graham Tyler
Where he was born: Rome, New York
Where he lives now: New York City
What he does: Milliner and Accessory Designer


His style icon:
Tilda Swinton is most likely the style icon that exemplifies my ideals the best.
She is a woman that acts as a work of art unto her own, and with that dresses accordingly.
Swinton is a moving sculpture with strong stoic garments to match.

How he defines personal style:
Personal style is what makes you feel feared by those around you.

What he thinks makes or breaks an outfit:
A poorly chosen bag is always the way to break an outfit, even when everything else is perfect.


What drives him to create:
I believe it is an incredible inner yearning for those around me to see themselves
in the dramatic light that I perceive them in. I dream of people that are their own living works of art.
An ever-changing changing gallery.

His most recent artistic reference:
Greek mythology is my most referenced subject.
I enjoy exploring and reflecting on the impact of the narratives to contemporary life.

What success is to him:
Success is being having a hero of yours consider you their peer.


If he could design a hat for one person, it would be:
Liu Wen has every feature I could hope for in a model.
She is one of the few women that has features strong enough to wear a headpiece, not be worn by it.

His work in one word:
My work very closely deals with the principals and explorations of architecture,
specifically in reference to the context of the human body.

Heavy rotation in his headphones recently:
Purity Ring always.

His WILD Wish:
To collaborate with Iris Van Herpen.

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header image credits: Photography, hair, and makeup by Tanner Abel

text by: Avinash Hirdaramani

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