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Gordon Holden at Lyons Weir Gallery

For one week, irreverently hilarious artist Gordon Holden is showing the instant gratification of art in an age of click bait at his solo show, 1 HOUR PHOTO, put on by Quiet Lunch Magazine, KarmaLoop and Eastman Collective at Lyons Weir Gallery. Holden’s work is a pure physical manifestation of campy Internet art, giving memes shelf life IRL. From a pizza box painted to look like a Macbook tossed simply in the corner of the gallery, to a room of celebrity portrait tee shirts that might actually transcend irony, to a shower curtain with an enlarged image of George W. Bush’s infamous shower painting on it, the variety in the collection is as vast as a Google search.



“The works were chosen by the gallery around the idea of instant gratification. And even though the works do not flow as much aesthetically at first glance, they do all tie in together,” Holden says about the range of work in the show, where some older prints and t-shirts that he sells on his website are seen side by side with new paintings that are drastically different, done with probiotic powder base and aixtuee with acrylic (shown below).  “The reason I focused on using the probiotic was because it is something that has become a part of my daily life because of a bad stomach. Acid reflux and the likes, which are usually brought on by a bad diet and anxiety. All of the other pieces in the show were made in the last year or two and  are kind of the reason for the bad diet and  anxiety. But if it wasn’t for that it wouldn’t have led me to the probiotic paintings. It takes all that other stuff to make something new.”


Despite the fact that this aesthetic and humor thrives in the age of quick likes and social media sharing, Holden’s work goes further than just a post-post-modern trolling on trends; it seems to peek into the reasons behind our meme nation. Like his probiotic works that are made of the same materials that are used to cure the stress that conceptualized the piece itself, the physicalizing the Internet in art is a black hole in itself.  “It’s a cyclical, but forward moving, process,” he says. With Holden, at least we always know it will be an entertaining ride.


IMG_64631 HOUR PHOTO will be on view until August 28th.


text by: Kate Messinger

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