Gallery Spy: Alter Egos

Sometimes being someone else is hard. 


Pure Fucking Armageddon

May 23rd, 6-10pm @ 116 Suffolk St


I have never been so excited yet apprehensive to attend a 13 year old’s birthday party, except of course, when I was 13. Good thing is, this isn’t really a birthday party, and it’s not really for a 13 year old boy named Bred Peterman, but we’re not exactly sure what it is. All we know is that Sorry, a collective of artists who put on group shows under alter egos, really knows how to be intriging. The website, a glitchy and tour-able virtual reality recreation of a teenager’s room with an affinity for action flicks and race cars, is reason enough to explore Pure Fucking Armageddon. As far we can tell the event is a gallery space turned into “Bred’s room,” which has been “decorated” by 10 artists who’s middle school pictures are below. Tell your mom you’ll be home late, this party might get weird.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.26.56 AM


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Sena Space Gallery


A sneak peek into the collaborative work of sculptors Jonah Emerson-Bell and Serban Ionescu, GOOD SPELL BAD CRAFT will explore the dark world of the occult, sacred and ritualistic in a show they describe as “something between Bewitched and Blair Witch Project,” but in the realm of our all-consuming relationship with technology. Is there a Ouiji board app we can download?

UKzuEd0Ls0zK5shc5I3Pi7f7Ya5PB2_uIoWGRsc9O1MPhotos by Garen Barsegian

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By Invitation Only

Kinz + Tillou Fine Art, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

unnamedChris Bors

Have you been to Brooklyn? Did you know that there is art there sometimes? Did you know they they actually have space there? Well, nows your chance to experience it, and in the best way possible. Amber Kelly and Andrew Gori, curators of Spring Break Art Fair, have paired up with Mickalene Thomas and Renée Riccardo to bring a perfectly curated group show exploring the world of black and white in the salon style space in an 1890’s Brooklyn brownstone. Artists like Rin Johnson, John Whitlock, Matt Mignanelli and so many more have gathered their monochrome works of all mediums for a new look at the gallery format and an exciting chance to see art a little closer to home.

chiaroscuro_blackJohn Whitlock, Check out more work from the collage artist here!

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The Allies

May 20-26, Imagination Space

unnamed-1Photo by Joey L.

For one week only, The Allies is showing off a bunch of  work  from a variety of creative start-ups as part of their pop-up exhibition in celebration of Internet Week (which we did not know existed but seems like it deserves a week after being around for so long). They will be showing off jewelry by Heidi Gardner, work by the phenomenal Joey L (check him out in our YOUTH issue), Elmo Hood, Inkie, Sam Spratt, Misha T and Yazmany and many more integrated design and art experiences including pop-up yoga. Stop looking up Sad Batman memes and go celebrate your Internet persona, IRL.

Elmo-Hood-Queen-of-Hearts-Imagination-in-Space-The-AlliesElmo Hood

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