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Back to school, art friends! The galleries have returned from holidays in Corsica, stopped their summer Fridays sippin’ rosé (though the Hamptons have been in a rosé crisis for a week!), and halted the all around good times to bring you a packed week of (potential) reasons to leave the air conditioned lobby of your apartment. And if troves of art openings is not stressful enough, New York Fashion Week is here to grind your tender, under-worked soul into a fine pink wine that we will then sell to the poor souls in the Hamptons for double the market value (seriously, this is an epidemic).

Here are 7 art happenings to attend rather than, or in addition to, going to all the fashun fun. Get your rosé while you can!

Grand Ballroom OpeningGrand Ballroom Opening, 1973 (Simins Peter/Fairchild Photo Service)

Roman Opalka: Painting ∞
Dominique Lévy

Opalka is a Polish painter who spent most of his life on a quest to paint every numeral up to infinity. Really. With 233 canvases displaying over 5 million numerals, and photographs of his face on each day of work, the seemingly pointless compulsions of the work is eerily grounding .

Preview6September 4 – October 18, 2014

Adam Marnie, Recusion

Our favorite not-a-gallery gallery, located in a publicly visible vestibule in the heart of the Meat Packing, is bringing in sculptor Adam Marnie for a site specific peice that we can only guess will draw looks from the gaggle of fashion geese teetering around the cobblestones of the neighborhood. Recently working in a medium somewhere between sculpture and photography, all we know about this new work is that it will be industrial, big and red. BRING IT ON.

2117371_origSeptember 4 – October 5, 2014

Monika Sosnowska, Tower
Hauser and Wirth 18th Street

Nothing says fuck fashion like the revealing of a 110 foot site-specific sculpture inspired by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Metal. Power. Depth. Tower will make everyone feel small, no matter if you know the bouncer to all the downtown fashion parties or not.

5 September – 25 October 2014

Milk and Night group show
Gallery Sensei

Bringing together an expansive and impressive group of feminist artists from fashion, art and music circles, Milk and Night is taking over NYFW through guerrilla performances in front of Lincoln Center, discussions and talks with working feminist artists and, opening September 5th, a group show at Gallery Sensei featuring a performance by film maker/musician/cult actress Kembra Pfahler. Coco Dolle, an artist and curator along with Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Katie Cercone, and Asha Cherian, decided that the best way to highlight the range of new feminist work is to showcase it in a variety of locations and mediums, bringing together well known females artists like Jemima Kirke, Betty Tompkins, Ange from the fashion design brand ThreeAsfour, India Salvor Menuez, Lola Montes Schnabel and more. See our interview with Dolle and more images from the show, here!

MilkAndNight-worksSeptember 5 – September 21

Meg T. Noe, Daniel Shea & Harry Gould Harvey IV, Mute Annotations, curated by Adam Kremer
Bad News at Black Bear Bar

Why parade yourself around the city when you could be DRINKING WINE, at a BAR, and seeing GOOD art in Brooklyn? V1 Gallery and Bad News at Black Bear Bar in Williamsburg are giving you all you desired with a group show curated by artist and photographer Adam Kremer. The collection of work from Meg T. Noe, Daniel Shea and Harry Gould Harvey IV show photographs and objects that are in some way out of context, allowing the work to “create and destroy order within their narrative focuses.” This is a welcome escape from that other narrative happening across the bridge.

imageReception September 5, 8 PM – 10 PM

Ryan McGinley, Yearbook and Corey Archangle, tl;dr
TEAM Gallery, 83 Grand Street and 47 Wooster Street

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.39.06 PM_675_450McGinley: September 7th – October 12th 2014

Alright. Maybe you don’t all hate fashion, or fashionable people, or large crowds, or celebrities, or art. Maybe this is what you love about New York city, that the creative types can shmooze together and drink free, readily available rosé. So, if you are not cynical and maybe a fun person, I’m sure you will enjoy with double wammy opening at the TEAM galleries on Sunday. Best of both ends of the spectrum, bright young things photographer Ryan McGinley and net artist of the gallery age Corey Archangel will both be having their openings at the separate TEAM locations, and as we’ve heard, having a joint after party at a movie theater playing Gremlins 2!

If we make it to Sunday, it’s smooth sailing on a river of pink wine.

CA-14-Hillary_Lakes-(5180)-web (1)_675_450
Archangel: September 7th – October 24th 2014

text by: Kate Messinger

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