Symmetrically Aligned, Flyying Colours
Premiere New Video, ‘Running Late’

With pop colors and melancholic strife, Flyying Colours unleash the sort of sonic fuzz that paint one’s youth. With their new video “Running Late,” premiered here, creative director Thomas Russell matches the song’s vibe on a monochrome set that’s intruded by bright palettes of light and finger paint, cleverly reflecting how a song can be at once angst-ridden yet full of a sentimental, emotional glow. If you’re unfamiliar with the Australian quartet, Flyying Colours ring memories of Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, and Stereolab—some of the best the 90s had to offer. It’s now 2015 and Flyying Colours’ ROYGBIV EP is due May 11th on Club AC30, May 12th on Shelflife. Watch “Running Late” below, then have a glance at our chat with the band on the flip side.

What’s behind the name?

It happened when walking home from work ’round 6am some night. It was super windy, the beginning of the morning sun was hitting the lenses of my polarized sunnies shooting rainbow type colours into my eyes, and while shamelessly listening to one of our poorly recorded demos at the time—it made sense. The extra ‘y’ gives both words 7 letters so they align symmetrically while I sit endlessly scrawling our band name into my notebook—and you can find us on google in a heartbeat.

How do you capture ideas?

I have over 300 random voice recordings (and counting) on my iPhone that I will forever be sorting through. My phone is generally in my back pocket so its the easiest way (and it doesn’t run out of batteries and go all slow like my old dictaphone did).

Tell us about the video’s art direction in “Running Late.”

For that you would have to ask Thomas Russell the creative director. The clip was entirely his concept and we had a great time filming it. Thom showed us some materials giving a rough idea of the general vibe, however we spent most of the time going along with him, trying to picture how it would all turn out. We had a lot of fun shooting the clip and exploring Thom’s ideas.


Favorite 90s song:

Deep Forest, “Sweet Lullaby” (1992). Ok maybe not favourite. Or really anything other than relevant, as while shooting the clip this track was cued up after “Running Late” in the playlist—needless to say we heard it ALOT of times. It used to be the theme song for SBS (an Australian broadcaster) in the 90s so it was a bit of a childhood flashback vibe. Top track.

Best breakup song:

Gotta be Beck, “Lost Cause.”

What is your WILD Wish?

I want to be a mutant in the next X-Men film. I haven’t thought of a cool enough mutation of super power yet, but I figure I have a bit of time to figure that out.


text by: Blaine Skrainka

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