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A Very Important
Conversation with Tei Shi

Candy, cartoons, and champagne. Just a few things my friend Valerie Teicher a.k.a. Tei Shi and I indulge in on a frequent basis in our New York apartments. But this time around I thought I’d be fun to ask her some seriously silly questions that I’ve been curious about for some time. And yes, which Powerpuff Girl she would be is of really big importance to me. So get your sweet tooth ready to take a bite into Val’s brain with me.

You’re stuck on an island, and I have a helicopter that I haven’t really mastered landing yet. What one item would you like me to throw down to you?

I would want you to throw down a very large nerd’s rope that I could use to pull myself up from the island and hop onto the helicopter with you. I would eat my way up, killing two birds with one stone: candy fix and escape route.

We’re having a three-course candy dinner, what’s on the menu?

Appetizer is haribo techno-bears, soursghetti as main course, and warheads for desert.

Wanted: dead and alive. Who would you love to collaborate with?

Wanted dead: Michael Jackson, because singing with him would be the most fun in the world. Wanted alive: Bjork…or James Blake.

You could own any wild animal…

A tiger cub, but I would feel really bad domesticating it.

Rap name:


Tei Shi

What childhood TV show would you bring back?

Rugrats in full force.

Which Powerpuff girl are you?

Probably Blossom, but with some Buttercup spice thrown in there.

Favorite Instagram account?

Yours, because it has lots of beautiful pictures, cute animals, and candy.

Do you know any jokes?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Daisy who?
Daisy me rollin, dey hatin, patrolling… tryina catch me ridin dirrty…

If you could mash up any three artists to make a hybrid that you would love to be, who would you choose?

Right now, my hybrid of choice would be:
1. Bjork’s writing, production, eccentricity and experimentation.
2. Beyonce’s super confidence, stage presence and overall super boss woman persona.
3. Thom Yorke’s sensitivity, genuine and beautifully tortured delivery.

What is your WILD Wish?

To play J.Lo in her biopic—and furthermore get to play J.Lo playing Selena in it.

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All photos by Faith Silva

text by: Faith Silva

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