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French Photographer Fabien Vilrus
Follows Scenes From his Head

Who: Fabien Vilrus
Where he was born: Réunion island, FR
Where he lives now: Paris
What he does: Photography

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How it all began:
When I bought an old Canon AE1 in a pawn shop.

How he captures ideas:
I usually think about stories like scenes playing out in my head.

Creating to make something for himself or to convey
an idea to someone else?
I would say both. I’m always looking for a special feeling when I take my pictures. When I got it, I just want to spread this feeling to everyone open to it.

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If he were a sound:
Birds in the forest.

Something overrated and underrated:
Art and art.

He believes in:

Something he needs to change:
I have to sleep more at night.

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Something great he’s read:
“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” —Einstein

Heavy rotation:
The latest album of Frank Ocean, Blond.

His most recent artistic reference:
Guy Bourdin.

Why he takes photos:
For the love of creation and the experiences I live through it.

Where he finds peace:
Anywhere, I just need to be alone.

Fabien’s WILD Wish:
Make a great project in Réunion island.


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text by: Blaine Skrainka

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