EULA: Visceral and Loud

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Alyse Lamb from EULA to talk about the group’s new single “I Collapse,” animal rights, thrift store shopping, and wearing spandex.

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What’s the first record you ever bought?

Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker

What’s the first show you ever went to?

My first show was probably Tosca or Carmen when I was really little. My mother is a costume designer so I always tagged along to see her shows. We went to a lot of ballets, theater productions, and operas together. I was always enthralled by the act of performance. My big sister took me to my first concert at age 11 to see the Cranberries. After that, I knew it was something that I wanted to do myself.

What do you do when you aren’t making music?

I spend most of my time writing and making demos at home. When I need a break I’ll paint or go to the thrift store or fabric store & gather goodies.

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

I think a lot of the inspiration comes from vivid memories of past dance costumes… I took ballet from about age 4 until college. That’s a lot of leotards. The majority of my clothes are hand-made, but quite a few pieces are store-bought and I build on top of them.

Who’s your style icon?

I don’t really have one style icon, I would say that periods of fashion are most inspiring to me. I love the flamboyancy of the 20’s, the hard silhouettes of the 40’s, the beautiful flow of the 70’s… I mash it all together to make my own style. Within the fashion industry, I very much admire Stella McCartney for her animal rights activism.

EULA interview WILD mag music

How did you come up with your band name?

We came up with the name randomly – we liked its openness and the way it had zero association for us. It sounded a little feminine yet a bit biological. Years later, I found out that EULA was the name of my great-great Aunt. Quite a surreal discovery.

What does the creative process look like when making a record?

Our four EPs and first LP, Maurice Narcisse, were all pretty collaborative. We lived in CT at the time these were created and we had the luxury of practicing anytime, and loudness was never an issue. Either I or Nathan [Rose, drummer] would have a song idea and we would flesh it out as a three-piece in a live setting. We recorded all of our songs live as well, with minimal overdubbing. After moving to Brooklyn, the process shifted. I wrote the next batch of songs in an intimate setting and recorded them on my own in a small, quiet apt. The setting forced me to focus more on structure and mood rather than the visceral and loud.

How would you describe your latest record?

“I Collapse” was recorded at Gravesend by Julian Fader & Carlos Hernandez. It was mixed by Nick Sylvester and released on Godmode Records. The b-side “Little Hearts” was recorded at Galuminum Foil Studios by Gary Atturio. I wrote these two songs from a restrained, unstable place after moving to Brooklyn.

Tell me about your label?

Godmode Records is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, NY, created by Nick Sylvester and Talya Elitzer. Our label mates include a very diverse and super talented group of musicians [Sleepies, Yvette, Alan Watts, Mr. Dream, Fasano and the Flag]. We are delighted to be a part of this family.

EULA interview WILD mag music

Top 10 songs ever:

Erik Satie Gnossiennes
Glenn Branca Bad Smells
Wire Fragile
PJ Harvey Dry
Pink Floyd A Pillow of Winds
Marvin Gaye Pretty Little Baby
Arthur Russell A Little Lost
Talking Heads I Get Wild/Wild Gravity
I’m Turning Into Super
Chill Rob G the Power

What is your WILD Wish?

To tour Europe with my band.



text by: Xena Blair

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