Eula: Paying Homage With Maurice Narcisse

by: Xena Blair

October 18, 2012

Eula, the post-punk musical trio hailing from New Haven, Connecticut just released their first full length album Maurice Narcisse. Eula unabashedly draws from different genres of music on their latest record, which is full of discordant pop harmonies and quick riffs.

Eula WILD mag music

There are moments when Eula’s psychedelic post-punk sounds morph into a weird melodic synth that makes you feel like you are in a Japanese garden on acid and under water. The song “Hollow Cave” is contemplative dreamy day-pop that reminds me of Mirah circa Advisory Committee. It’s the kind of song I would put on a mix tape for every girl I ever liked. Yes, it’s catchy enough to put onto a mix tape for a crush. Do it and thank me later.

Eula are well aware that they draw inspiration from so many different artists, that the songs they create are by no means original. But it’s their ability to own it and pay homage to their predecessors that makes their music pleasant to digest and fun to listen to.


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