Eric Yahnker’s Virgin Birth n’ Turf Exhibit Gets Messy

by: Kate Messinger

September 4, 2012

Eric Yahnker Virgin Birth n' Turf The Hole WILD magazine
If you’re bored with quiet galleries, and small scale work and art without a sense of humor, it might be time to, as LA based artist Eric Yahnker says, “revel in tragicomic frustration, laughing equally at [it] as with its all-too-complex subject matter” at his first New York solo exhibit Virgin Birth n’ Turf at The Hole Gallery in Manhattan. Yahnker’s large scale drawings and sculptures take a satirical plunge at pop culture and politics, creating a contextual language that goes beyond the images. For example, his colored pencil drawing (pictured above) shows four Bill Clinton heads ferociously blowing on saxophones in between the letters I and E, a pictorial riddle until you read the title and get the joke: the piece is called INHALE.

Virgin Birth N’ Turf will be showing from September 4th – October 6th at The Hole gallery with an opening fro 7-10pm on September 4th.


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