Entertaining in Black and White (and Color)

by: Katie Grimmer

October 13, 2012

Eran Amir’s new YouTube video “Black and White (in Colour)” can be best described as a Pleasantville-like transformation. But instead of the sudden appearance of “real-red” lipstick on Betty Parker, we get to see the transformation from black and white to color.

Black and White in Colour Eran Amir

Amir, with some unnamed helpers, turned the entire set — including himself — black, white and gray. At least, half of it. The coke bottle is turned around to reveal it’s real hue. The watermelon is cut in half, then quarters to show off that bright red. Pencils and photos and a balloon are all replaced with their true colors.

Eid Ma Clack Shaw by Bill Callahan plays in the background to top off an entertaining short video. Amir even offers a “Making Of” for those who don’t really understand how those gumballs came out multi-colored.


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