Enforced Arch and Its Power of Movement

by: Lucia Cabanova

July 2, 2012

The dance and performance community Enforced Arch, founded by James Koroni, uses its exceptional and distinctive talent to put environmental and social issues on display. These dancers often make use of transmedia and performance art to bring vital concerns into light.

Alliance, Enforced Arch
Photographs by Joshua Katcher of TheDiscerningBrute.com

Their latest performance ‘Alliance’ features past and current pieces by creative directors James Koroni and Tracey Katof. The show consisted of live performances as well as video projections. For instance, ‘Be The One’ is a video projection that was performed outside in the nature and portrays the matter of natural disasters, war, famine and global warming. This piece is meant to bring up the question of how we treat our mother earth and how we should respect its wishes before we fulfill our own. ‘Arrest Yourself’ is another video projection that brings up the question of consumption and how ignorant and detached from this topic people can be. According to James Koroni, this piece was created to “inspire individuals to seek answers and make change.” The live performance ‘Double Shadow’ presents and comments on the masculine character in mainstream culture. It shows its struggles to survive with unrealistic expectations and illustrates domineering stereotypes. The point of this performance was to expose those who aren’t afraid to be seen as sympathetic or sensitive. Koroni goes on to say:

“Some people think creating work inspired by social, environmental and ethical issues is difficult. What’s difficult for me is not creating it.”

Enforced Arch is certainly more than purely about dance. This group of talented performers uses their love and power of movement to bring important subjects and problems into light. ‘Alliance’ was an engaging and clever way to put forward a range of issues, as an assortment of performances within one project.


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