January 15, 2016

Emily Wells Debuts Beguiling Lorna Dune Remix, ‘You Dream of China’

Who: Emily Wells
Where she was born: Amarillo, TX
Where she lives now: Brooklyn, NY
What she does: Write, record… play music… read…

How she capture ideas:
Melodies, text messages, occasional bouts of steadfast documentation most present when out of the country, and when making a record, pure, and I do mean pure, obsession.

Her most recent artistic reference:
Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz.

If you were a sound:
I wish it was the sound of predawn, but in reality it is probably muted hysteria via violin.

She believes in:

If she could see a social disruption:
America looking in the mirror and seeing China… Can i have two? Cellphones revealed more toxic than cigarettes (and less cool).

Something great she’s read:
Most recently Ben Lerner’s 10:04.

Something great she’s seen:
Most recently Transparent.

Heavy rotation:
Sidney Bechet’s “Blue Horizon,” (also if I’m honest, Ben Lerner’s 1st novel as read by the author, I’m kind of on a Ben Lerner thing right now).

She needs to change:
Posture.. definitely my posture.

Why she makes music:
It is the only language in which i can ever hope for clairvoyance.

Emily’s WILD Wish:
To be truly radical… to be brave.



‘Promise’ is out Jan 29

Emily will be on tour in support of the record with Lorna Dune in February through March
Tour Dates at emilywellsmusic.com

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