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December 29, 2014

Emiliano Laszlo of Studiopretzel Talks Faceless Fashion

Who: Emiliano Laszlo
Where he was born: Florence, Italy
Where he lives now: Same old place..
What he does: I’m the founder and designer of Studiopretzel

emiliano laszlo

What he’s been up to lately:
I did my best to be psychologically ready for the finale of WHO IS ON NEXT, the contest.

What good energy means to him:
Good people supporting my goals and thinking positive about me.

STUDIOPRETZEL00_003Images by Marco Annunziata

If he were a sound:
I definitely would be the whispering sound of wind through the desert.

A record that changed the way he hears music:
I would like to say some classical LP, but I have to say Johnny Cash.

On heavy rotation:
Pulp and Johnny Cash.

What he’s watching and reading:
I’m watching The Good Wife, over and over and over.

If he could see broad social disruption in one way: 
No more money. I would love to see barter taking place.

Where he goes to be alone:


What he’s currently working on:
As always, next collection.

His earliest memory:
Me, winning an athletics running race, 4 years old.

His style icon:
Tons of Japanese people.

What he considers a fashion faux-pas:
Lack of self-confidence.

What cracks him up:
The way my wife tells me stories.


His idea of love:
Understand and be understood, the only thing that counts at the end of the day.

And happiness:
To me happiness means being comfortable with yourself.

What’s next:
A hot, lazy summer.

Emiliano’s WILD Wish:
My WILD Wish is take a plane, going to L.A., rent a car and going up and down on Mulholland.

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text by: The WILD

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