Do Your Share: Mulu’s Charity-Driven Shopping

by: Roxanne Fequiere

August 14, 2012

No matter how we spend our time on the Internet–playing games, listening to music, reading articles, connecting with friends–we’re inundated with requests to share our activities with various social networks. In fact, our penchant for putting ourselves on display is often voluntary (see: Twitter, Instagram). As a result, being privy to the entire gamut of our acquaintances’ online experiences has become commonplace. Capitalizing on this constant stream of social media sharing, entrepreneur Amaryllis Fox created Mulu, an affiliate program that allows users to recommend products to others, with each sale generating a portion of revenue that can be donated to charity.

celebrities for MULU Charities

While Mulu’s goal is to generate support for numerous charities by “reclaiming purchase power,” it’s not compulsory. Users can keep their percentage for themselves. The site provides a selection of charities to donate to, but users may donate to unlisted organizations by receiving the proceeds personally. Unlike similar sites that maintain their own inventory and have in-house staff to curate merchandise, product recommendations on Mulu are purely user-driven and can come from any online retailer. As Fox puts it, “We’re all online. Make it count.” With over $65, 000 already given to charity and counting, it appears that many have taken this mantra to heart.


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