Didact Hair

by: Angelique Deforge

June 17, 2012

8.00pm. I had a sip of Ruinart in fashionable Les Abbesses. I leave my house, declaring my excitement via a standardly preppy look: vintage Burberry handbag and just a touch a pink: pink shirt, pink lipstick, and pink nail polish.

“You’ll see. Alex is a very cool manager,” my husband mentioned to me, “his accent from Toulouse.” I am going to meet Alexandre, who, along with Stephane Amaru, is the mastermind behind Didact Hair, the ‘eco trendy’ Parisian hair salon.

Didact Hair Wild Mag, eco

Located in a former boutique hotel facing St. Eustache Church, in the 1st district of Paris, Didact Hair is aesthetically seductive. Its mission is seductive too: Didact Hair adheres to a “conscious philosophy,” Alex will later explain to me, of minimizing the environmental impact of the salon by making eco-conscious choices with both the environment and the client in mind.

When I meet Alex, his persona is strikingly similar to the one I had imagined. He is tired; but despite a lengthy day of work and upcoming photoshoots, Alex obligingly sits down with me for a brief chat. I learn that “Didactis” means “training” in Latin—a word that has been at the core of Didact Hair since it opened in April 2011.

The owners of Didact Hair have crafted an atmosphere of company unity and pride, obvious to me within minutes of entering the salon. A ‘feel good’ vibe permeates the room, emanating from the salon’s devoted team of passionate experts. Alex declares protection—“Protection of ourselves, of clients, of the environment”—to be one of the forerunners of progressive thought today. With a range of eco-friendly products and a waste reduction strategy, Didact Hair is at the forefront of the hairdressing environmental revolution.

 The owners are planning to launch a second hair salon in Saint Germain and their first salon in London next year.


Didact Hair Building

2, rue du Jour
75001 Paris
00 33 1 82 28 30 10


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