Color Theory At The Pantone Hotel

by: Xena Blair

August 24, 2012

Pantone Hotel Brussels Wild Magazine

Pantone, the front-runner in color design has successfully entered the realm of merchandise design and re-branding. With the help of designers Michel Pennema and Oliver Hannaert, The Pantone Hotel opened its doors to color enthusiasts, tourists and artist alike last year.

The darling of the color matching industry, has a devoted cult following around the globe. Walls of the hotel are adorned with photography by famous Belgian photographer Victor Levy and large color card stocks that would tempt even the most responsible adult into taking up paint by numbers while on vacation.

Economically friendly and centrally located, the Pantone Hotel also offers clients the opportunity to pick rooms designed in seven different color palette preferences. Additionally, the suites at the top floor of the hotel offer terraces with a 360° view of Brussels. The beauty is in the design, which personalizes the hotel experience by making it an interactive lesson in color theory and esthetics, while still demonstrating the power of color and its ability to convey emotions and create harmony in any environment. At The Pantone Hotel you can drink from Pantone mugs, pick from a vast array of pantone bicycles and essentially choose your mood, while personalizing your visit to Brussels.

Color Theory At The Pantone Hotel Wild Magazine

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