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Colleen Allen in the
Essence of the Moment

Who: Collen Allen
Where she was born: Chicago
Where she lives now: New York City
What she does: I’m a menswear designer
and student at Parsons the New School for Design

Colleen Allen Press Photo

Photo by Momo Chapa 

How she captures ideas:
I spend most of my free time going to museums and galleries in New York, which always inspire me. I’m obsessed with the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History.

A style to describe her:
I like to think that the Colleen Allen man is a full time scientist, who collects art in his free time. So he has this clinical minimalism to him, but his taste in clothing is rooted
in a love and knowledge of culture.

And her style icon:
David Bowie. Especially during the Young Americans era, when he was hanging out in Harlem.

What she considers a fashion faux-pas:
I don’t really believe in fashion “faux-pas.” I love dad jeans and I love socks and sandals.


Her collection conveyed in one word:
“Wabi.” It’s a term I learned from the book the Idealogies of Japanese Tea Subjectivity, Transience and National Identity by Tim Cross. He defines Wabi as, “Visually, it [wabi] embodies the pursuit of minimalism, removing extraneous decoration and paring everything down to its most basic form. The passage of time is also reduced to the essence of the moment. The encapsulates the ephemeral spirit of mono non aware (literally ‘pathos of things’)”

How she knows when an idea is fully formed:
When I’ve thought about it so much that I’m sick of it and ready to move on to the next one.

Colleen’s WILD Wish:
To create my own menswear brand based out of New York. And world peace.


launch gallery

text by: Avinash Hirdaramani

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