Melbourne’s Cloves Speaks for Herself

Who: Cloves
Where she was born: I was born in Melbourne Australia, ’96 represent
Where she lives now: At the moment I’m living Between London and Melbourne, but my heart will always be in Melbourne as that is where I grew up
What she does: Singer/songwriter and I love pigs

How she captures ideas:
I have a notebook in which I write different things down. Sometimes it’s full lyrical sentences, sometimes its just words describing a feeling I can’t get rid of. From an outsiders view of my notebook, it looks all over the place full of crazy words and little squiggles written everywhere. Its just good to have something get the ball rolling.

If she were a sound:
The sounds of something cooking.

She believes in:
As cliche as it sounds, I seriously believe in just finding happiness. No matter how you come across it.

Something great she’s read:
I’ve recently started reading this crazy book about mathematical philosophies, theories and how they are connected to the universe; to be honest, half the time I have no idea what is going on but when I’m not reading it in the middle of the night, it can be fascinating.

A lingering question of hers:
Are ghosts real, because seriously that shit is scary.

Heavy rotation:
Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love album, Fiona apple’s Tidal record, the new Alabama Shakes Sound and Color record, and Ben Howard “I Forget Where We Were track. So delicious.

Her most recent artistic reference:
I want things to sound a bit dirtier and lo-fi. I think Sometimes its easy to get caught up trying to make the next cool new sound and we lose focus of the song’s core. It’s never a bad thing to let the song speak for itself.

Style icon:
Alexa Chung, she is so beautiful and natural. Also I love All Saints and boys clothes.

Cloves’ WILD Wish:
My WILD Wish is to have a never ending tub of cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s. So when my boyfriend is over, life is finally fair and I actually get to eat some. Also he would be fat.

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