Chanel Fall 2012

by: The WILD

July 14, 2012

After repeatedly perusing the Chanel fall 2012 couture runway show, I can honestly say that not only do I understand Karl Lagerfeld’s sentiment that Chanel’s fall collection is “new vintage,” but I fully agree with it. Both classic and fresh, Lagerfeld finds a way to pair iconic Chanel style elements with chic, young design details. Luscious silks and plush velvets are uniquely updated by modern, sleek silhouettes. The chiffon, organza, and tulle garments have delicate gathers and floral appliqués, which make these pieces exquisitely tremulous, until juxtaposed with the oversized shoulders, silver arm warmers, ostentatious bows, and boxy, shimmering tweeds that make up this stellar collection. In short, the show is breathtaking.

Chanel fall collection New Vintage


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