Cat Power / Cherokee

by: Emily Kirkpatrick

September 21, 2012

Cat Power Cherokee video WILD mag music

The latest video featuring the second single “Cherokee” from Cat Power’s new album Sun takes place in a post-apocalyptic, video game-esque world. In a bleak, desert landscape, Chan Marshall and friends fight off zombies, shooting them with red triangles, and trying to save those whose triangles turn green with crystals. Directed by Marshall herself, who sports bleached blond locks and those ubiquitous Isabel Marant wedge sneakers, the music video is a race to survive, outsmarting and out-driving the zombie people all set to Cherokee’s thumping, drum-driven beat. The track comes from an album all about reinvention, and what says that better than a video about the adaptability of humanity and our ability to find love and hope in each other, even in the midst of some sort of alternative zombie nightmare.


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