Designer, Artist Caroline Z Hurley:
‘Trust Yourself, Be Patient’

Who: Caroline Z Hurley
Where she was born: Memphis, TN
Where she lives now: New York, NY
What she does: Designer and artist




What good energy means to her:

This is a big one for me. I am really into energy. I was an actor when I was younger and part of my training was getting connected to not only my body and my being, but also learning how to read other people. so I use that training a lot in my daily life.  If someone or something’s energy feels wrong I steer clear. Always.

If she were a color:

Cerulean blue.

 What inspires her work:

 I am inspired by travel. When I am immersed in a new culture all of my senses are heightened—everything becomes ultra-vibrant and all my creativity comes to the surface.  Each season at CZH is based on a country and this next season is Mexico!


Favorite city:

I love Essaouira, Morocco. In the U.S., I am really into L.A.—mostly because I am craving space and don’t want to deal with another winter, ever. But I am headed to Mexico soon so maybe my favorite city will change when I get back!

What she believes in:

I don’t subscribe to any religion but I do believe that within each of us there is something bigger and magical that connects us to the earth and the ocean and nature and everything that’s beautiful. I believe in trusting your instincts. Once you find your instincts and learn to listen to them, life starts to feel less scary and doors start to open that hadn’t before. I also believe that if you can really visualize something happening it can happen, you just have to really believe in it 100 percent.


Something that’s surprised her recently:

I think I don’t like eggs anymore…I overdosed…super bummer.

If you could see broad social disruption:

I’d love to see production get flipped upside down. Producing products overseas is great for certain projects but I think if we could find a way to build a network of people with skills and tools who are ready and willing to work right here in america—without minimums or hefty shipping fees—we’d be on to something pretty powerful.  Bedford is onto that scene already ( At CZH we produce all our products using Bedford—I have close relationships with each of my manufacturers individually, which makes my life so much better!  Technology can now make building a network like Bedford possible, which is pretty rad.


If she could go back in time, what she’d tell her younger self:

Trust yourself. Be patient. Keep working hard to figure out what you really love. Don’t settle. ever. And get in touch with your deepest inner voice—it will always lead you in the right direction.

What she hopes to achieve by the end of 2015:

I want to have a kick-ass booth at my next trade show. We are graduating to a bigger booth this year so I am excited about that. Also, I feel a move in my future, but letting life guide me for that answer. Also! I want to find ethical and cool production for all of my woven goods somewhere in Mexico. I want to work with artisans there (much like my block printers in New Bedford, MA) where I develop a long lasting relationship with them and maybe even help them to gain access to broader marketplaces.

 Caroline’s WILD Wish:

I want to open a sick artist residency/bed and breakfast on the coast of Mexico where I’ll have a painting studio. And I’ll invite all my friends to come help me make it beautiful.  That’s actually not that wild, I’ll probably do that.


You can find Caroline’s products and paintings at her website

text by: Ha Lim Kim

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