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Camilo Fuentealba:
Metropolis of Color Noise

Who: Camilo Fuentealba
Where he’s from: Raised both in Chile and Canada, where I was born.
Where he lives now: Brooklyn, NY
What he does: Photography

Camilo Fuentealba Portrait of Camilo by Amanda Vincelli

His first experience with art:
Learning about the art my father made when he was a political prisoner in Chile.

What there too much and too little of:
There is too much time spent on phones/computers and not enough face to face.

Influences on his work:
William Eggleston, Diane Arbus, and Martin Parr, to name a few.

If he were another person, place, or thing, what/who would it be?
Person: A Shaman
Place: The Andes
Thing: Mamiya 7II—and if I may add an Animal I would be a Lynx.

He’s obsessed with:
Cinnamon sugar donut @ Dough.


His favorite place to be alone:
At this very moment in my life walking the New York streets which might not make sense to the reader, but when I’m alone with my camera and things are happening on the streets I lose myself. Nothing else exists even if there are hundreds of people around me. Time ceases like if you were meditating or when you’re in love. It’s my yoga.

His last dream:
The last dream I can remember was of me getting my bike fixed and when I got it back it was entirely white instead of Navy Blue which is the actual color. It also cost $750 to fix so I left it at the bike shop. End of dream.

We all know what white bikes mean in the city of New York. So I think to myself maybe it was a blessing in disguise that those kids stole both bike wheels couple of months ago.

What he’s currently working on:
I’m always working on Street Photography, but have a couple of more specific bodies of work I’m putting together.

Camilo’s WILD Wish:
(So many!) My WILD Wish is to see a more sustainable world.


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