Rashida Jones, Pete Yorn Collaborator
Boss Selection on Compounds & Elements

Who: I am Sunny Levine a.k.a. Boss Selection
Where he was born: I was born in West Hollywood
Where he lives now: I live in Venice, CA
What he does: I make jams. I produce, I write tunes, I engineer, I drink espresso and I wear shoes

How he captures ideas:

Using a butterfly net.

If he were a sound:

A pretty chill sound with a slightly slamming beat.

He believes in:

Count Basie.

His most recent artistic reference:

This past week I’ve been deep in mid 90s RnB while getting together a remix of the song on my Boss Selection record featuring Rashida Jones. Along with a strict diet of SWV, Brownstone, Mary J Blige, Jodeci, Aaron Hall, Groove Theory, Faith Evans, and Brandy. With some everyday Arthur Russell listening for good measure.

My girls and I gettin real 90’s up in here. Stay tuned… #flipandrewind #bossselection

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If he could see a social disruption:

I’d really dig it, if all of a sudden formulas and the dumbing down of art was deemed unacceptable, rather than being the norm. If everyone took more chances and strived to be the realest version of themselves, then, we might have more interesting things to read, watch and listen to. If creators had a violent Clockwork Orange style reaction when they weren’t being authentic to themselves, things might get more interesting. I see so many talented people making wack sh*t because they think they have to be relevant.

Something great he’s read:

I read anything and everything I can find by the writer Richard Brautigan. His writing can always reset the way my brain works, especially if I get stuck thinking too bland, basic or one dimensional.

Something great he’s seen:

There are these clips on YouTube of Marly Marl rebuilding some of his classic hip hop productions from scratch on the new MPC – he shows how he put all the samples together – it’s some hip hop kid geek stuff, and I love it.

Heavy rotation:

There’s a song called “Quasimodo’s Dream” by an Australian band called the Reels from the 80’s. I can’t get enough of that song, lately. I just discovered it and it hits me so right.

He needs to change:

Currently changing lots of things. Moving my studio, changing up some gear, getting complicated haircuts for the first time since I was a teenager.

Why he makes music:

I make music for the thrill of trying to combine elements and aspects of production in a way that turns me on. My approached to making music always involves a combination of exploring and problem solving.

Sunny’s WILD Wish:

I’d like to have a proper amount of dollars where all I would do is book sessions with friends and musicians that I admire. I really like my life, but when I fantasize about “more,” that’s what I end up thinking about. I’d overpay everyone, have amazing meals, and just over dub on things all day, every day. It’s my favorite part of making music. Once you’ve written the bones of a track – the tune – inviting people to then put their own touches to the piece…that’s when you have something magical to play with. That’s my happy place.

photography by: Abby Ross

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