Black Breath:Sentenced to Life

by: Xena Blair

September 4, 2012

Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

Let’s cut through all the esoteric nonsense that encapsulates metal. Metal music is political. Meaning to say, people take their metal seriously. Some, more seriously than others. I’m of the latter variety, a novice, if you will. There is no need to dissect every riff or dark undertone of Black Breath’s misanthropic lyrics. So lets just say this: Black Breath is a relatively new metal band. They hail from Seattle, by way of Bellingham and released their first EP in 2008. Their latest record, Sentenced to Life is sophisticated and easy to listen to. Underneath the rapid-fire riffs and screaming, their music, is melodic and spooky. Outside influences creep into this tightly knit record and make it clear that Black Breath is quickly becoming a formidable opponent on the metal scene. Sentenced to Life is raw metal with a new school twist. It’s a hard hitting, fast paced testosterone-charged lullaby. Listen to it. While you are at it download Heavy Breathing.

Sentenced to Life was released earlier this year by Southern Lord.


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