Best of the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial

What is the future now? For the second Istanbul Design Biennial (Nov 1- Dec 14) curators Zoe Ryan and Meredith Carruthers have asked designers to reconsider the ways in which works move society forward. Like a manifesto. Is the word “manifesto” one that we still relate to? The Biennial is an effort “to reclaim the manifesto for critical thinking in design” through an exploration of times past and times to come. Here are some projects that are worth checking out:

Ownership of the Face by Kristina Cranfeld

 Justaddwater by Defne Koz & Marco Susani

 N°41 WorkoutComputer by Desiree Heiss & Ines Kaag

Nasalo Dictionary of Smell by Sissel Tolaas

elektronikvedijitalaraclarRebuild the Electronic and Digital Tools by Coralie Gourguechon 


dyslexieDislexie Typeface by Christian Boer

crafted_in_istanbulConnect with other artists with Crafted in Istanbul by Seda Erdural, Barış Gümüştaş & Bilal Yilmaz

birdyGender redefinition with BIRDY 2214 accessories by Meriç Canatan Ve Fatosh Erhuy

askin_resmiManifesting the Look of Love by Helen Maria Nugent and Ron Kirkpatrick, with Miguel Perez, Zach Pino & Sanaz Sohrabi 

altinci_soyDesigning for the Sixth Extinction by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg 

text by: Michael Valinsky

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