Asher Levine Spring/Summer 2013

by: Jennifer Eve Eisner

October 19, 2012

Between a hole-in-the-wall bakery and a modern, antler-packed furniture store lies a set of dark, nameless, nondescript doors. Behind those doors and down the stairs lies a fantastical workshop of innovation and cutting edge design. With a penchant for unexpected fabrics, sculpted silicone, and unique silhouettes, Asher Levine creates a futuristic paradise. Racks of uniquely dyed, intricately sewn garments hover just beyond the entryway entreating passersby to touch the clothes.

Asher Levine Spring/Summer 2013 WILD mag fashion

A collection of denim and linen, in a palette of indigo, orange, hunter green, black, and white, is punctuated by moto-details and asymmetrical hemlines. Replete with one-of-a-kind pieces, Asher Levine is a collection for the man who thrives on the excitement and individuality of fashion. The line is available for purchase at ODD Style in New York City and Akai Ito and Traffic in Los Angeles.


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