Artist of the Week: Fever Collective, Nothing Stays

by: Kate Messinger

February 4, 2014

Get to know Daniel Eceolaza of Fever, a film production collective based in Berlin and Madrid, and their new film “Nothing Stays.”  fever the wild artist of the week

How did Fever collective begin? What is the mission behind your work?
I got to know Luis when we both worked as “Assistant to Director” on a production company in Madrid. Borja and he were long time friends. We started sharing a lot of references and stuff we all liked and created. I guess founding a collective was just a matter of time, as professionally we were not really able to find what we were seeking for anywhere else. With our work we would love to reach people on each one’s personal way, and leave a mark with it.

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-29 a la(s) 18.52.50 Captura de pantalla 2014-01-29 a la(s) 18.52.33

What is your role in the collective?
We do not really have fixed roles. As one directs, the other does edit or 1AD, etc. We have always seen Fever as a space to share creativity, and the way each of us stands on their own shapes a very interesting whole. Borja is the total realistic director, his works are very personal studies of different realities, and on the other side I always look for a more fictional narrative, something more emotional and experimental. Luis (cinematographer) is the one in between, finding a very special way to capture it all.

What was your first experience creating something?
Complicated— I have been always painting and drawing since I was a kid. Trying to figure out how to draw dragons that don’t just look like flying dinosaurs was a pretty hard thing.

fever the wild artist of the week Captura de pantalla 2014-01-29 a la(s) 19.11.50

The short film “Nothing Stays” seems to comment on a generation of young artistic people feeling stuck, physically and creatively. Do you relate with this feeling?
Sure, on a practical way any creative discipline involves hours and days of unseen work and tryouts. If you add an atmosphere which is filled with uncertainty, obvious corruption and people doing what you would be never allowed to when you are just trying to survive… It is the least frustrating. Artistically, on the other hand, it can make you come across ideas like “Nothing Stays,” where you just dare to use that as your own voice.

Who do you hope to reach with this film? What do you hope to say?
It is a claim, a call to the change that lays on anyone who feels underrated. Especially to those that left their own country because of necessity to feel supported for a couple of minutes. Coming to live in Berlin was something I chose, and I had the luck to find a good job there. But it is really not the case of everyone. It does not just portray a society imprisoned by its economy. It is a crisis of values that we are dealing with, and that is what inspired “Nothing Stays”.

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-29 a la(s) 19.15.28

What does youth mean to you?
It means something contagious. It is all about the fever you experience trying to find your place out there, at the same moment you start realizing that being out there is actually nothing at all like they told you. And that gives you a power to experience the way nothing else does.

Where do you draw inspiration for your projects?
Mostly on music and paintings… but also whatever that feels organic.

fever the wild artist of the week

Your collective is based in both Berlin and Madrid, two very artistic cities. Is there a difference between the artist communities in each city?
Yes and no. I think being in the centre of Europe makes of Berlin’s artistic landscape a very interesting thing. It is amazing how much is going on there and how many different things and points of view one can find. Although it can also be too saturated sometimes. And in Madrid there is also a lot going on as well, a lot of interesting artists are coming up and there is always been a pretty developed underground movement. And with the amount of people that are leaving, there is also a very powerful exchange. But it is certainly not as easy as it is in Berlin to develop any sort of creative discipline, especially not professionally.

What is your WILD Wish? Fever.

“NOTHING STAYS” | Short Film from Fever on Vimeo.


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