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September 4, 2014

Artist Chloe Wise Stimulates In All Ways Possible

Who: Chloe Wise
Where she’s from: Montreal, Canada
Where she lives now: New York City
What she does: painter, sculptor, video artist

Chloe Wise 2

Her current state of mind:
I’m in a state of perpetual and extreme ‘hyperness’.

Where she would most like to live:
Where I live, New York. Extremely stoked to have made the move from Canada this year.

Her greatest fear:
Being bored. And spiders.

Chloe Wise

Her most treasured possession:
My teddy bear named Palmtree who I have spooned since I was born. Actually, amendment, that was so rude of me: I don’t possess him, we are life partners. Let me see. I treasure my tiny but beautiful art collection, comprised of works by friends. I’m pretty sure in a handful of years all the paintings, photos, prints and zines I have accumulated from the talented people that surround me will be worth a fortune.

Her heroes in real life:
My mom. She rules. Tim and Eric are my comedic video art heroes. Larry David is my Jew-Grinch hero. Jason Schwartzman is also a Jew hero of mine. Pamela Anderson is my beach-look hero. John Singer Sargent is my paint hero. Jon Benet Ramsey is my fashion hero. So is Liberace. Claes Oldenburg is my sculpture hero. Oh, Alice Neel is a paint hero too. Harry Styles of One Direction is my hot-teen hero. Ryan Trecartin is another video hero.  Emeril Lagasse is my spaghetti hero.


If she could have anyone in the world (living or dead) create a portrait of her it would be:
I’d ask Jeff Koons to sculpt a portrait of me and Britney Spears (from Toxic) having PG13 sensual relations as part of his 1989 Made In Heaven series. Or maybe I’d ask Pierre et Gilles to do a portrait of me being Bat Mitzvah-ed, underwater, as a mermaid.

Her idea of happiness:
Daytime clubbing in a Corona hat. Painting. Colors. Colors are everything to me. My mom’s grilled cheese. Laughing at a really really funny joke while eating chicken wings surrounded by friends that are intellectually stimulating as well as adorable. Listening to Ja Rule & Ashanti. Petting a kitten.

Chloe’s WILD Wish:
World Peace *flips hair*

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text by: Isaac Perez Solano

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