Art Talks with Sulamit Elizondo

Name: Sulamit Elizondo
Where are you from: Mexico
Where you live now: Monterrey, MX
What you do: Artist


What was your first experience with art? 

Every day I can remember has had something to do with art, or at the least the way I define art.

What is there too much and too little of? 

Too much emotion, the kind of emotion that springs from unconscious reaction, and too little freedom.

El Nenufar

What influences you? 

Everything!!! I believe everything we see and experience continuously interferes with our imagination. I do have a constant which has been my love of animals, and our own rawness.

If you were another person/place or thing, what would it be?

I would be a witch, an orca, a violin.

Ofelia en el Lago

What are you obsessed with? 

Tori Amos, Angelina Jolie, Tattoos and Thich Nhat Nahn.

What are you currently working on? 

A series about wolves and wrestlers

Instante fuera de tiempo

What is your WILD wish? 

It would be WILD to one day have a cup of tea or two or three with any of my obsessions.


text by: The WILD

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