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September 24, 2014

Art Talks with Rebecca Morgan

Who: Rebecca Morgan
Where she’s from: Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Where she lives now: Clearfield, Pennsylvania, but on the move.
What she does: Artist


Her first experience with art:
My grandfather was self-taught and made really weird folk art drawings and cartoons. We would draw the same subject or a still life together. I was very young. In about 3rd I started taking private art lessons from a local artist, but I never really understood that I could be doing art in some way as a profession, like Al Jaffee or Harvey Kurtzman, who I was obsessed with from my Dad’s old MAD Magazines.

What there is too much and too little of:
Too much positive reinforcement for bad behavior. Too much indecisiveness and compromising yourself and values to be liked. Too much seriousness, too little of humor. Too little of embracing your own interests, strengths and pursuits even if it’s unpopular—people need to do their thing and own it!

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 2.27.00 AM

What influences her:
Humans, always, in every way. Bad behavior.

Good behavior. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania Being in a liminal state—the constant pressure of needing the urban and the rural simultaneously.

Thinking too much. Cormac McCarthy, Comedy and humor, Americana—
Mountain Men, living off the grid, camps in the woods, Good old boys, collecting ephemera, Robert Crumb. The Northern Renaissance, currently. Greek and Roman sculpture and Kim and Kanye.

"Cabin Fever" paintings by Rebecca Morgan at Asya Geisberg Galle
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If she were another person/place/ or thing, she’d be:
I think I am very content with myself—I’m such a specific, needy nut I don’t think I could manage being anything other than myself. On a hippy dippy level, I’ve been told (and kind of believe) that I’m an “old soul” so maybe I’ve been a lot of other people.

She’s obsessed with:
My smartphone/the Internet and social media—I think it is a very important tool on so many levels. I can be in the middle of nowhere and still see studio shots of my favorite artists and people on Instagram and feel in the loop and informed. I use it as a diaristic catalogue, and I like revisiting images, like a personal archive.

painting by Rebecca Morgan

She’s currently working on:
I have been making ceramic face jugs and sculptures in relation to my two dimensional drawings, paintings and cartoons. I am making work about scenarios and archetypes of the wilderness and pastoral, virginal flower picking maids, witches and mountain men and the scenes and situations that they find themselves in—debauchery, trauma or repose.

Rebecca’s WILD Wish:
The stereotypical but truthful dream to be loved and inspired, productive healthy and happy.

"Cabin Fever" paintings by Rebecca Morgan at Asya Geisberg Galle

text by: The WILD

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