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August 5, 2015

Anne Barlinckhoff is Passionate about
Women, Relationships, Nature & Fruit

Who: Anne Barlinckhoff
Where she was born: Tilburg, The Netherlands
Where she lives now: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
What she does: Loving my life and taking lots of photos.

Growing up I learned how to survive. I’ve had a tough past. But came out very strong and created this love for taking photos. It’s like a dreamworld, but a conscious choice to make the work I’m doing.

I am passionate about women, relationships, nature & fruits.

I use my work to live and love people. I often work with people more than one time. To be honest, I don’t consider it work. It’s more like my love exchange.

I find inspiration in nature and my experiences.

Photographing the female body is my obsession.

Nature means a lot to me. We are part of it. And one cannot exist without the other. I feel a very strong connection with nature and animals. When in nature, I forget about everything else.

My latest aspiration is to see even more of the world and create even more work.

For me, beauty exists within. It’s a way of feeling with eyes.

My WILD Wish is to connect more with WILD animals.

launch gallery

text by: Grace Dietshe

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