Ambassadors Get Geometric and Gory with Zosia Mamet

by: Kate Messinger

October 10, 2012

zosia mamet sam harris AMBASSADORS unconsolable

Brooklyn-based indie rock band, AMBASSADORS, are bringing a twist to a genre that often sits comfortably on the sidelines of pop music.  With a heavy bass, electric keys, and a grungy cooing melody, the band’s single “Unconsolable” off of their album Litost is dance-worthy without losing substance; spontaneous yet meticulous. The video, staring front man Sam Harris and Zosia Mamet of HBO’s Girls and AMC’s Mad Men, like the band’s sound, balances gracefully between hipster strangeness and relateable pop.

The video is a classic girl-kills-boy story with a Brooklyn vibe and an unexpected artistic twist: complete with mystery, intrigue, and intricate geometric after-effects. Director Gabriel Stanley finds unconventional shots, strange focuses and dark lighting to highlight the relationship between reality and farce. It’s hard to tell whether we are watching Harris’s paranoia, Mamet’s hallucinations, or a high concept reality where the strings between people and objects, the stuff holding us together and apart, can be visualized. The song is what ties it all together. 


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