Alma Construct Debuts with a Seductive EP

Alma Construct, the project of 19-year-old Josh Thompson, released its debut self-titled EP last week via R&S Records — and it’s a gripping introduction to the young, U.K.-based producer. From its opener, Alma Construct buries itself under your skin and stays there, the controlled throbbing of beats finding your every nerve to draw you into an alluring, dark abyss. Inspired by “La Planète Sauvage,” a stop-motion science fiction film from the 70s by René Laloux, the five tracks are an otherworldly, hypnotic trip, punctured by sultry vocals and all sorts of delicious, alien noises.

When asked about the moods that went into the crafting of his thunderous album, Thompson simply told us: “All of them, except kindness and mercy.” We can get down with that.

unnamedPhoto by Shaun Bloodworth

Who: Josh Thompson
What he does: Musician
Where he was born: High Wycombe, England
Where he lives now: Leeds, England

What he’s currently working on:
I’m working on an album about a couple of rivers at the moment; also just loads of other stuff not about rivers.

What he thinks there is too much of and too little of:
There’s too much to do and too little time!

What he would be doing if he didn’t have his current occupation:
I’d quite like to be a detective or something like that.

On his life to-do list:
One day I’d like to master a martial art, but so far I’ve never felt like I could really go for it.

What he would do if he were president:
What I’m told, I guess.

His earliest memory or experience of art:
Watching cartoons when I was about three.

What cracks him up:tumblr_mtu012FLSB1qdm5ngo1_400

What he can’t live without:
Not that original of an answer, but I have to say music.

What he’s obsessed with right now:
Pink Wafers.

His next challenge:
To learn a new instrument.

Josh’s WILD Wish:
I’d like to time travel.

text by: Claire Voon

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