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Dreaming of a Better World With Alex Currie

Buffalo-based photographer and filmmaker Alex Currie made it to the top of Flickr’s 20 under 20 list of most promising photographers in 2014. We had the pleasure of chatting with Alex about his thought-provoking images, sources for inspiration, and what it means to be a global citizen.


What he’s currently working on:
Traveling the US with the band Tenth Avenue North as their tour photographer, skipping high school while documenting their lives, and shooting a short film on what it’s like to be a kid on the road with one of your favorite bands.

Where he finds inspiration: 
I’m inspired by the way the wind whips through my best friend’s hair on a summer car ride with all the windows down, and how the sun makes my sister’s eyes look green when she stares directly in it for too long.

Latest obsession:
My Mamiya RB67.



His last dream: 
I was really, really tired, so I slept through the next four years and nobody decided to wake me up. So I woke up and everyone had flying cars and futuristic stuff and I was super bugged at all of my friends for letting me sleep that long.

Where he goes to be alone:
The forest, the ocean, my room.

Who he would be in another life:
William Miller from Almost Famous.


What it means to him to be a global citizen: 
The world is a big place, and there’s a lot to be done. My intention for Children of Grace School was to shine a light on the poverty and work being done in Haiti. Spending time in Haiti allowed me to get to know these kids who were full of joy and hope, even more so than kids in America. They taught me to be content with less, and how to hold out hope in the wake of destruction.

Alex’s WILD wish:
To stay 18 forever.

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text by: Victor Rybkin

photography by: Alex Currie

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