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Alejandro Diaz Makes Humor-Infused Political Art

Who: Alejandro Diaz
Where he was born: San Antonio, Texas
Where he lives now: Queens, NY
What he does: I’m a conceptual artist who makes humor-infused political art. When I’m not making art, I sit at a desk job all day long counting the minutes to quittin’ time.


How he captures ideas:
By asking others what they think would be a good idea.

If he were a sound, it would be:
A long exhaustive sigh.

Where he goes to be alone:

Something that’s surprised him recently:
That the cafeteria at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has the best chicken tenders in town!


He’s currently working on:
Being a kinder, thinner person.

His favorite person in the world:
My partner Jay: an intense brainy and brilliant actor with a kind soul.

His idea of love:
“Love is a Sculpture” by Robert Indiana.

And happiness:
Air conditioning.

What cracks him up:
People who do uncanny imitations of their annoying relatives.

Alejandro’s WILD Wish:
Well, that’s changed a little over the years. Before I used to wish that I would become rich and famous. Now, I just wish that the lady across the hall would shut up.


His latest solo show at the Linda Pace Foundation Gallery is entitled “It Takes a Village

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