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Pieces of Ideas, Under the Direction
of Alan Del Rio Ortiz

Who: Alan Del Rio Ortiz
Where he was born: Dallas, Texas
Where he lives now: New York / L.A.
What he does: Director / Photographer


How it all began:
A few days ago I had an idea and shared it with someone I trusted. Before that I was working as as a video editor. Before that I was working as an assistant for a couple of directors in Chicago. Before that I was an A/V and theatre kid in high school. I made music videos as a child in Dallas and with my cousins in Mexico.

How he captures ideas:
I don’t really. I capture fragments and thoughts that I work through and they become ideas. Pieces of ideas.

If he were a sound:

Blood Orange – Time Will Tell by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

He believes in:
A professor once told me an idea you can not properly express is an idea you do not understand and is therefore worthless. I’m not sure if I belive in that.

Something he needs to change:
I don’t really feel the need to change anything. Things are constantly changing.

Something great he’s read:
I read this essay [by John McPhee] recently and think it works for all artists.

Petite Noir – La Vie Est Belle by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

The person making the most interesting art today:
Please don’t make me call out a single artist. I am not sure individuals are actually responsible for all that much. Lately I have been most into the new photographers and the photojournalists. The world of experimental documentaries is taking hold in an interesting way as well.

Heavy rotation:
Night Lovell – “Off Air

Anna Calvi ft. David Byrne – Strange Weather by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

His most recent artistic reference:
Marilyn Minter. I find myself constantly looking through her work.

Favorite photograph by his most admired photographer:
I can’t do this or refuse to do this.

Why he takes photos:
It brings me a lot of joy. It’s a great way to look at the world.

Where he finds peace:
In my work.

Alan’s WILD Wish:
To live and work on my own terms.

Porches – Hour by Alan Del Rio Ortiz

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alan del rio ortiz


alan del rio ortiz


text by: Blaine Skrainka

photography by: Alan Del Rio Ortiz

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