A New York Trio

by: The WILD

April 10, 2012

Lana Del Rey collaborates with A$AP Rocky
This may not be a video game, but I doubt anyone is complaining. Lana Del Rey, the internet sensation who finds herself in a public love/hate relationship with listeners has emerged on an unlikely, but great sounding track from Brooklyn’s very own production duo The Kickdrums. Enlisting help from the leader of the trillwave A$AP Rocky, “Ridin” includes Del Rey and A$AP producing their own awkward gangsterish Bonnie and Clyde relationship with Lana saying “I’m his pretty party favor / He says I’m his favorite flavor,” and A$AP Rocky declaring “Lana, that’s my bitch,” mid-song.

Enticed by a video snippet of the song, many people expected to see “Ridin” on the release The Kickdrums newest mixtape Follow The Leader. While a full version circulated for all of 10 minutes, A$AP Rocky claimed the track for his new album, LongLiveA$AP, leaving us with 1:09 tease. Either way, the final product should definitely be interesting considering the combined New York influence and different styles of production. And who knows, maybe Lana will find her “acceptable” niche in rap tracks for the critics to finally get off her back.  I mean… she can’t do everything wrong… right? Check out the track preview below.


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