Yes, sex is a vast and complex physical, emotional and energetic exchange that can greatly transform one’s life when practiced consciously. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the potential depth of the act itself—or the fact that it can be used to facilitate an expansive energetic opening and spiritual process.

Everything in this universe is vibrating; however, the rate and density of the vibrations are variable – the denser the vibration, the more solid things appear. Sound, emotion and thought are expressions of high vibrations, thus, they are less solid. Each expression of that energy has a unique resonance that directly affects the vibration of our organs. Sex can be understood as a high vibrating energy not only because of its physical and emotional intensity but because it has been and still is considered in many cultures to be a sacred energy—not only because it potentially leads to the miracle of life, but because it allows us to travel to deeper energetic states of being.

Throughout the energetic fields within and surrounding our physical body, there are at least five main ethereal channels that lead from the root chakra at the base of the spine, up the spine to the crown chakra, otherwise known as, “the fontanelle,” at the top of our head. These channels are connected to the chakra and nadis system that are thought to directly relate to the endocrine system, glands, hormones and other bodily functions. The nadis describe a network of hundreds of thousands of energetic vessels- the same pathways that are most often used in acupuncture and that are cleansed through certain breathing exercises in yoga.

The energetic flow that moves through this complex system, regulates our emotional and physical health as it interacts with the endocrine system. For example, the secretion of serotonin directly influences mood, sleep regulation, sensory perception and learning. Therefore, with the stimulation of a healthy flow of energy, certain glands secrete a variety of hormones and thus keep the body, mind and spirit in balance.

A less known interplay of the subtle body happens when high vibrating energy travels through those aforementioned energetic channels and nadis to the neocortex of the brain. When this happens, electrical impulses potentially activate certain parts of the neocortex that may contain latent psychic abilities. The pineal gland is often referred to as the third-eye. It is connected to those parts of the brain that are located within the 90% of unexplored and unexplained cranial territory, containing clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. However, as long as the main energetic channels are closed, it is impossible for any of these higher centers with psychic sensory perception in the brain to be activated.

By adding sexual energy into the equation, we get an increased potential for the channels to open. Specifically, if this energy is properly channeled through our physical system, the extremely high vibrating sexual energy that we experience as an orgasm- can trigger these parts of the brain to help unveil “paranormal” perception.

This is a process that might very well happen slowly through the evolution of our species, but in these times, a person aspiring to full consciousness, still needs to learn how to tap into this energy, lead it up the spine and channel it through the crown chakra. The mastery of this process requires appropriate teaching since accessing this energy can be dangerous in certain cases: psychological problems and imbalances can result if the energy is unleashed too quickly.

The conscious  use of sexual energy is only one way to activate “paranormal” perception. There are many other pathways to accessing psychic abilities. Certain meditations that focus on the subtle energies of light and sound can be practiced over a short period of time in order to stimulate the pineal gland – while fluoride actually achieves the contrary and quickens calcification of the latter. However, since sexual energy is the quickest and strongest path to accessing the untapped treasures of the neocortex, and orgasms are so inherently pleasurable, why not learn to use sex in order to expand one’s consciousness?

If we examine sex from this energetic perspective and compare it to the way in which it is portrayed in our society, we realize how much sexuality has been demonized throughout the centuries, especially by the Church. While sexual expression is nowadays much more commonplace and acceptable in our culture, there is still a great deal of of unconscious guilt attached to it. This guilt needs to be cleared so that the general public can experience sex, not only as a means for creating and recreation, but also as a way to get in touch with the subtle energies; better yet, sex can facilitate a widened perception and maybe even a divine purpose.

It could very well be that through fashion, photography, film, music and the part of humanity is processing the subconscious negativity attached to sexuality by bringing it to the surface. As our society evolves into a higher state of consciousness, sacred sexual alchemy could eventually lead to the restitution of sexuality.

text by: Corinna Springer

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