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A Day in the WILD Life:
Arty Lawbreaker Olivia Locher

Pennsylvania-born, New York-based photo gal Olivia Locher is an experimental artist who develops animated imagery that provoke humor in the absurd. Graduating with a BFA from School of Visual Arts in 2013, Locher has since disrupted the status quo with imaginative projects, including “How To,” which chronicles humorous attempts at milestone achievements, and “I Fought The Law,” a cheeky, thought-provoking series that reveals the most nonsensical laws in America. Like, did you know it was illegal in Alabama to have an ice-cream cone in your back pocket at all times, or to wear translucent clothing in Rhode Island? Yeah, we reckon there are more substantial State matters at hand. But props to Olivia for spreading awareness and breaking the rules! When she isn’t disobeying laws, the 24-year-old is practicing meditation, going on museums trips, and eating delicious vegan food, demonstrated in this exclusive photo diary below…

Image courtesy of Brandon Locher

May 1, 2015

9:50 AM – NY, NY.
Good morning from the East Village!



10:00 AM – East Village, Manhattan.
My brother Brandon burns palo santo, one of my favorite scents.



10:15 AM – East Village, Manhattan.
I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation twice a day, everyday for about three years now. No matter where I am, this is how I start every morning. It’s my own little way of briefly escaping the chaos of Manhattan.



11:40 AM – East Village, Manhattan.
I enjoy a quick lunch with my brother at our favorite restaurants, Peacefood on 11th Street. Everything is vegan and delicious. Today I have a salad, but I suggest everyone try their fried seitan medallion panini made with cashew vegan cheese, arugula, tomatoes and pesto.


1:00 PM – Midtown, Manhattan.
My friend Jin and I visit MoMA.



4:00 PM – East Village, Manhattan.
I’ve recently picked up my work from a recent gallery show. I’m preparing it to go into my archive.



5:00 PM – East Village, Manhattan. 
Olivia Bee comes over to model for a photo. This one is for my series “I Fought the Law” where I illustrate obscure laws across the United States. She’s about to demonstrate how it’s illegal to spit on a seagull in Virginia.



6:45 PM – TriBeCa, Manhattan.
I normally do my evening meditation at my studio but today I decided to treat myself by going to La Monte Young’s Dream House.



9:00 PM – East Village, Manhattan.
I get so much inspiration from collecting art books. I try to spend time with one every evening.



11:00 PM – East Village, Manhattan.
I start watching a favorite movie, Zabriskie Point (1970) to wind down from the day.



My WILD Wish is that inner peace touches every individual’s lifetime, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

For more of Olivia’s daily happenings and work, follow her on Instagram here.

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text by: Nicole Zane

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